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This is the only kitchen with an oven and a dishwasher both in one segment, equipped with space saving, fully integrated  appliances. It saves almost a meter while maintaining the same functions.

Length from 112 cm, in the picture 192 cm. 

Price for this kitchen (as in the picture) with appliances CHF 5'590, without appliances CHF 3'978 incl. VAT.

Pay now, transportation fees later after delivery

TinyKüche - Basilea, the modular kitchen

The modules

TinyKüche - Basilea, sink module 1

Module 1

45 cm wide. 

40x 40 cm sink and one or two drawers. Possibility of installing a ceramic cooking top instead of a sink.

TinyKüche - Basilea, sink module 1b

Module 1b

30 cm wide. 
20x 40
cm sink and one or two drawers.

TinyKüche - Basilea, oven and dishwasher module 2

Module 2

60 cm wide. 

Dishwasher and electric oven or one of these two appliances and a door.

TinyKüche - Basilea, refrigerator module 3

Module 3

57 cm wide. 

Electric refrigerator and ceramic cooking top

TinyKüche - Basilea, drawers module 4

Module 4

Adjustable width from 25 to 90 cm according to your request.
Three drawers.

All modules are 940 mm high (including adjustment feet) and 610 mm deep. 

Fronts and bodies

The fronts are made of white oiled pine plywood, white oiled birch plywood, burgundy melamine plywood or solid wood.

TinyKüche - Basilea, pine front

Maritime pine plywood

White oiled

TinyKüche - Basilea, birch front

Birch plywood

White transparent

TinyKüche - Basilea, red front

Birch plywood

Red transparent

TinyKüche - Basilea, pear front

Pear wood


The bodies of the cabinets are made of standard board laminated in black. 


The tops are made of white oiled pine plywood, stained black and oiled birch plywood, black stone or stainless steel.

Please ask for the individual prices of the tops.

TinyKüche - Basilea, pine top

Maritime pine plywood

White oiled

TinyKüche - Basilea, birch top

Birch plywood

Black stained

and oiled

TinyKüche - Basilea, steel top

Stainless steel

TinyKüche - Basilea, stone top

Black stone

As standard, the top extends by 2 cm for easy maintenance.

The sink requires connection to a drain and also one or two double outlets for the cooker hood, refrigerator, cooktop and LED lighting under the wall cabinet.
The appliances are delivered ready to plug in and can be connected to the module 1 box if outlets are available. Cables are routed behind the boxes or back panel.


The standard handles of the fronts are metal black, such as in the oven.  Other handle models available on request. 

TinyKüche - Basilea, handles

Hanging cabinet and kitchen hood

TinyKüche - Basilea, hanging cabinet

Hanging cabinet

90 x 44 x 32 wall cabinet. Other dimensions available on request. LED lighting, slotted into shelf mounted under top box. With socket and switch.

TinyKüche - Basilea, kitchen hood

Kitchen hood

60 cm with extractor bonnet metal black,
Extractor bonnet with 3 power levels

Back panel

Made in galvanized or powder coated metal, which you can use to hang magnetic accessories. 60 cm heigh. Widths tailored to your setup.

TinyKüche - Basilea, full set


  • Spice rack holder

  • Kitchen towel holder

  • Hook rails

TinyKüche - Basilea, back panel
TinyKüche - Basilea, accessories


See how our TinyKitchens adapt to different enviroments and more!

Our offer and price list

We will be happy to send you a non-binding offer with a sketch. Please let us know your requirements.

You are also welcome to request the price list.

TinyKüche - Basilea, the modular kitchen

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