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Everything you need to feel independent, on only one meter.

Nomad is an autonomous kitchenette on casters. It includes gas or electric powered refrigerator, gas powerd cooking top and oven and sink.  For those who do not have a connection to utilities, we offer tanks for drinking and gray water. 

Choose this product for your cottage house, mobile home, tiny house or patio!

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Nomad consists of three individual units:

Unit 1 is the core of Nomad which includes black ceramic 40 cm wide sink with a flexible faucet and 2-burner gas hob. Additionally you can add a gas/electric refrigerator in the lower cupboard.

The dimensions are 52 cm deep x 102 cm wide x 95 cm high.

TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 1 with faucet
TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 1 with faucet

Cook wherever you like!

TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 1 with water tank
TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 1 with water tank

Adding fresh and grey water tanks to this setup makes this unit independent from utilities. 

To your setup you can always add Unit 2- with an electric/gas oven and additional storage space.

TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 2 with oven
TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 2 with oven

Do you need more?

TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 3 with drawers
TinyKüche | Nomad, Unit 3 with drawers

Unit 3 provides additional storage space with three drawers.


Fronts are manufactured from melamine plywood with visible wood grain. Standard colors include white, black and burgundy.

TinyKüche | Nomad, white front


TinyKüche | Nomad, red front


TinyKüche | Nomad, black front



As a standard, we produce bodies from 18 mm maritime pine plywood.

TinyKüche | Nomad, plywood body
TinyKüche | Nomad

The price varies depending on selected modules, appliances and materials.

Unit 1 in 1.8 cm maritime pine plywood, fronts in burgundy plywood

- with refrigerator ( as shown in the picture):  CHF 3,891 incl. VAT (without transportation)
- without refrigerator: CHF 2,810 incl. VAT (without transportation)

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Nomad Ultr


The smallest kitchen
in the world

This variant has a 20 cm sink making it very compact.

The dimensions are 958 width, 510 mm depth and 915 height ( including 10cm height casters).

TinyKüche | Nomad mini - the smallest kitchen in the world
TinyKüche | Nomad mini - the smallest kitchen in the world


As a standard, we produce the bodies from 2 cm sustainable teak from Brazil. 

TinyKüche | Nomad mini - teak body


The fully equipped version has a gas- or electric-powered refrigerator, a gas oven and a gas cooking top. The appliances are powered by two R107 gas cylinders. A 10-liter water tank and a 12-liter gray water tank complete your independence. For the drain connection we offer a flexible tap instead of a water tank. 

You can replace these appliances with additional storage space in the form of cabinets or drawers.
This way you can create several different modules of the same size and compose your own mobile sets from them.

TinyKüche | Nomad, oven
TinyKüche | Nomad, fresh water tank
TinyKüche | Nomad, gray water tank

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