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Manufacturer of kitchen furniture for small kitchens | TinyKüche

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We produce two product lines:


The smallest kitchen in the world


A space-saving beautiful modular kitchen for home

Everything you need to feel independent,
on only one meter.

Nomad is an autonomous kitchenette on casters. It includes a gas or electric-powered refrigerator, gas-powered cooking top, oven and sink. For those who do not have a connection to utilities, we offer tanks for drinking and gray water.

Choose this product for your cottage house, mobile home, tiny house or patio!

Kitchen solutions for holiday homes | TinyKüche

Tiny with many possibilities

Basilea is modular and configurable so it makes it easy to adapt to your personal needs.

This is the only kitchen with an oven and
a dishwasher both in one segment, equipped with space-saving, fully integrated appliances. It saves almost a meter while maintaining the same functions.

Choose this product to arrange a kitchen annexe in small or micro apartment or your office kitchenette!

Kitchen solutions for small apartments | TinyKüche
Highest quality materials - solid wood and plywood


The fronts and tops, and in the case of Nomad also the bodies, are made from the highest quality solid wood and plywood, in a traditional multi-generational Swiss carpentry workshop.

The Creation process

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