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TinyKüche - mountain hut

Improving comfort of living by getting closer to nature and saving space.

As a kitchen manufacturer with many years of experience, we have observed two significant changes in this area in recent years. The first is spending more time away from civilisation and the second, living in smaller spaces in the cities.


We meet these changes with two models of the smallest possible, fully integrated kitchens, made of high-quality wood.

Meet our creators

Stefan Senn, carpenter - TinyKüche

Stefan Senn
Carpenter and Interior Designer

Robert Pludra, designer - TinyKüche

Robert Pludra
Industrial Designer

TinyKueche was created by Stefan Senn, a carpenter and interior designer with years of experience in making furniture for small apartments, and internationally exhibited and awarded industrial designer and PhD Robert Pludra.


Both coming from the families of carpentry traditions, they were brought together by common interests in clever design solutions and a passion for nature.

The creation process


Keep up to date with the latest news and offers from our world of tiny kitchens!

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